Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Chatzos Challenge in the Holy Land, Part III: Watching Pesach Happen

Thoughts and reflections about my visit to Israel for Pesach.  I am going to try to keep this as chatzos related as possible.  There will be fewer hyperlinks, however, because I have less time to write.  Enjoy!

It was a very busy day in my host's home: one granddaughter is here while her brother is in the hospital, her daughter and two other grandchildren are in from Beersheva to escape any rockets from Gaza, and my host is turning over her kitchen for Pesach.

Wait.  WHAT?!?  SHE IS TURNING OVER HER KITCHEN FOR PESACH?!?  There are 5 kids here under the age of 4!  The seder is A WEEK AWAY!  IS SHE NUTS?!?

Rest assured.  My host is NOT nuts.  She is just an expert chatzos person.  And when I say expert, I mean she was done with Shabbos last week at 3 pm.  On Thursday.  What did she do on Friday?  Took my son and her granddaughter to a bakery, took them to the park, bathed them together, ect.  Basically, she was the best savta a kid could ask for.  I envy her calm.

So, why turn over the kitchen SO early with SO many kids running around (with cheerios, bamba, lady fingers, you name it)?  "I would like to finish cooking for the whole chag by Wednesday because I plan on taking a two day trip with my ima and sisters erev Pesach."  Brilliant.  That is going into the holiday in style.

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