Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The “I need a reboot” Menu

I hate it when my computer gets the hiccups.  It never fails that I will be in the middle of doing something REALLY important (like watching Top Chef on iTunes) when everything starts to run like there is peanut butter in the hard drive.  Drives me batty.  My cure for the computer hiccups is invariably to hold down the power button until the whole thing turns off and then turn it back on.  I know that rebooting with a hard shutdown isn’t the best way to deal with the problem, but it always seems to do the job!  Well, this week, I need a hard shutdown followed by a reboot.
I am probably trying to put too much on my plate again and I am probably still recovering from a month away, but, those excuses aside, I seem to have a case of the life hiccups.  My internal hard drive is running like there is peanut butter stuck inside.  I can’t seem to get my act together to get my coupon deals arranged (I even went to the grocery store WITHOUT my coupon book and WITHOUT looking at ads earlier this week).  I keep intending to work on my new site, but get sidetracked on a million other things.  I start to reply to one of the 500 emails I got while I was gone and I get um… delayed (read: stuck on Facebook).  Don’t even ask if I have done anything towards Shabbos yet.  I need someone to come and press my power switch until I shut off and then reboot me.  
So, in honor of my inability to get my act together and start cooking earlier AND because it is officially summer in Houston, I give you the “I need a reboot” menu—mostly salads, easy, and refreshing.   I am actually making two meals this week (two DIFFERENT meals, that is) because I am craving this dinner and it doesn’t work well at lunch (chicken dries out).  I will be repurposing many of the components to make up for the extra work of a double menu.

** Recipe links are not posted yet.  Why?  MY BRAIN IS A PEANUT BUTTER FILLED HARD DRIVE.**
·         Challah—Done
·         Hot & Sour Soup—Kosher by Design Short on Time
·         Indonesian Chicken
·         Ginger Quinoa
·         Cucumber and cilantro salad
·         Corn Salad—Quick & Kosher
·         Berries
In honor of Yom Haatzmaut, this is a seriously Israeli menu.
·         Challah
·         Hummus
·         Egg Salad
·         Chopped Herring (yuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmm)
·         Guacamole
·         Spring Marinated Chicken—Kosher by Design Entertains
·         Onion Kugel
·         Israeli Salad
·         Corn Salad—Quick & Kosher
·         Red Cabbage Salad—Quick & Kosher
·         Lieber-strawberry-shortcake-triffle (doesn’t have the same ring as Lieberkugel, but same idea… Queen Lieberfolk is going to bring dessert).
Tomorrow is shopping day!  Have I made my list?  Um.  No. 

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