Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Still Working on Getting Back to Basics—A Menu

I thought that I was being SO smart by giving myself a goal list earlier this week. Just to recap my expectations for myself (the red is what I actually got done):

SUNDAY: My list was short and I got it all done!

  • Decide on guest list: No one.
  • Inventory freezer for things that are already made: I have sweet potato mash, onion kugel, and chopped herring already made and in the freezer. I can pull at least one of those things out to make for Shabbos.
  • Put away last week's dishes.
MONDAY: I wrote the post on Monday—so you would think that I had made progress.

  • Inventory fridge and pantry for other "freezable" side items—and make at least one thing: Mango soup will be happening later tonight.
    • I did make mango soup… on Tuesday night. At about 11 pm. After I made bows. I think that I may have a bow problem. I can't stop playing with them. It is like bow crack or something. I need a bow intervention.
  • Laundry—or maybe not? We will see how the night goes on this one.
    • I thought about the laundry, but didn't actually do any of it.
  • Watch 6 episodes of Glee on Netflix. Check and double check! I did this one, no problem.
  • Leftover laundry. Or at least start the laundry. Yes. I did start the laundry. WOO HOO! That is a half check!
  • Clean the bathrooms—l'cvod Shabbos—I will do a quick once over on Friday morning, but I will get the dirty work done tomorrow. Of course I didn't get this done on Tuesday? Why? Yup. My bowdiction. I did the hallway bathroom this evening.
  • Mango soup got made!
  • Clean the floors--l'cvod Shabbos—will spot clean on Friday morning. Unless I do it after I post this, not going to happen.
  • Change Sheets-- l'cvod ShabbosI decided that it is nicer to have fresh sheets RIGHT before Shabbos, so I didn't get this done. What?!? Of course that is the reason it didn't get done!!
  • Menu—and I will incorporate things that I already have prepared in the freezer. I will try to double up anything that I make on Thursday to freeze.-- HAHAHAH! I GOT ONE!!
    Menu is below!
  • Most of the laundry is finally done.
  • Shop after school drop off—Probably not a problem.
  • Cook starting before school pick up.—Probably a problem. I need to pick the van up from the body shop (don't ask) in the morning, so I don't want to set my expectations of myself too high.
  • Finish cooking and have kitchen basically clean by 10 pm (this is a MAJOR stretch, by the way… 10 pm is my witching hour. It is the time I go from an efficient-let's-get-it-down-person to a stalling-let's-play-on-the-computer person… so we shall see).—As long as I hide my ribbon box, this shouldn't be a problem. Doing WAY easy this week.
  • Set the table.
  • Spot clean.
  • Relax, do my nails, make a bow, read Dr. Suess, or do some other random non-stressful activity (read: NAP!!)
I wouldn't say that this week was a total failure at getting back to basics. I did get my coupon list together for Wal Greens. I made it over to Target with the kiddos. I took my car in to the shop. I made some things for Shabbos BEFORE Thursday. Time to start looking for successes—and also time to start putting less on my plate.

Without further ado, a BASIC menu (and yes, I know I need to post the recipes. I hope to be back to normal with that… um… next month?):
  • Challah—Done and frozen
  • Chopped Herring—Done and frozen
  • Hummus
  • Meatballs—Quick & Kosher—Why? Just because I am really craving some!-- making triple batch—two for Shabbos and one to freeze.
    • Anyone have a good idea re: how to heat these on Shabbos day?*
      • Queen Lieberfolk suggested pulling them from their sauce and putting them on the plata dry. The sauce can sit next to the plata. Will the sauce get warm enough? Will the meatballs dry out?
      • DH thought the crockpot may work. In my experience, ground beef in the crockpot over Shabbos is no bueno.
  • Brown Rice
  • Onion Kugel—Prepped and frozen.
  • Caesar Salad—Quick & Kosher
  • Cucumber salad
  • -----
  • Mango soup over soy ice cream
I want to get back on track this week! Who wants to take away my hot glue gun?

* The laws of heating food on Shabbos are pretty complex. Long story short, one cannot cook on Shabbos. This means that heating up food in a way that may lead to cooking (or look like cooking) is a no-no. Typically, people use a warming tray (called a plata) or a blech, a piece of metal that sits over the burners on the stove, to warm food. There is an issue with putting liquid on either of these warming devices, so my question is about the meatball sauce.


  1. Where can I find the mango soup recipe?

  2. Mango soup is from Quick & Kosher-- the parve one, but I didn't use strawberries (because I ate them all before I had a chance to make the soup). :)