Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Chatzos Challenge in the Holy Land: Part 1—I need your help!

This just doesn't feel right. It is Wednesday (actually… Thursday in about 30 seconds) and I haven't done a Shabbos menu. I haven't even looked at the circulars! What is going on?! Oh yea. We are invited out for both meals. I am still in a little bit in shock—we rarely eat out for both meals on Shabbos. This little miracle couldn't have come at a better time—this is our last Shabbos at home before our big trip to Israel!

DH will be doing an away-elective at a clinic in Beit Shemesh and then we will spend Pesach with family. All in all, not a bad way to spend April! But before I can soak up the ruchnius in the Holy Land, I need to make it there. With two kids. And I need to make sure that my apartment is in some sort of shape to be left alone for a month. Needless to say, even my to-do lists have to-do lists at this point. Nothing is organized and I am feeling super overwhelmed at the prospect of the trip (not the "being in Israel" part, rather just the "getting to Israel" part).

I am enlisting you! Help me out! I am looking on information on:
  • Fun things to do with kids in and around Chashmoniam. Thanks to Houston Ima for a start on things to do in Jerusalem.
  • The best provider from which to rent a phone.
  • Where I can get a pack-n-play in or near Rechavia
  • How to keep a three year-old happy on such a long flight
  • Things I have to buy while I am there (um… like tiny tzitzis and kippahs)
Rather than cook tomorrow, I will be consolidating my lists into one really BIG list of things to do. I figure if I keep writing down all of the things I need to do, they will magically get done. That is the way it works, right??

Can't wait to start posting from Israel!


  1. Don't forget...Israeli jewelry for DD...

  2. all I can think is that any jewelry will go promptly in her mouth. Or her pe...

  3. Are you flying overnight? If so, 3 yo will probably sleep a bit. I'd recommend a portable DVD player and lots and lots of DVDs. Any rules about junk food fly out the window when we're flying overseas - i.e come with a lot of food, including junk food, lollipops, etc.

    @ Chashmoaim, email me as we used to live in Modi'in and I'm sure I can give you a lot of suggestions.

    Ack, I'm jealous. You will have a wonderful month!