Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Stockpiling and Pesach Cleaning: A menu to clear out the house

Cheerios cereal

There is an amazing sale on Cheerios (of all shapes and sizes... Honey Nut, Cinnamon Burst, all of it) at Randalls this week.  This is the type of sale that would have me running to the store and buying as any boxes as I had coupons.  It is the type of sale that would have DH asking, "Um.  Why do we need so much cereal?"  It is the type of sale that would supply my family with Cheerios for the next 3 or 4 months.  As I was circling the ad with my red Sharpie, something occurred to me: Purim is only a week and a half away.  That means that Pesach is only 6 weeks away.  That means that I SHOULD NOT be buying 4 month's worth of Cheerios. 

It also means that I should not be making and freezing for another Shabbos.  Time to start clearing out what we have! 

"Wait!" some of you (that know me well and know my plans) are saying, "Aren't you going to Israel for Pesach?!?"  Hehehe.  Yes, I am.  No cleaning.  No cooking.  A full month in Israel.  I am overjoyed.  BUT I AM LEAVING THE WEEK AFTER PURIM!  AHHH!  Before I go, I need to get everything out of the fridge and, possibly the freezer, as well.*  So, right as I was getting the hang of this "make it early and freeze it" thing, it is time to cook with what we have on hand.  The next three weeks will be "clean out my pantry and fridge" menus.

Here it goes (one menu, two meals):

Challah-- DONE
Tricolor Gefilte Fish-- Kosher Delights-- TONIGHT
Onion Chicken-- Quick & Kosher-- PREP TONIGHT
Roasted Root Veggies w/ Rosemary
Broc Slaw-- Kosher By Design-- the pink one, I think
Caesar Salad-- Quick & Kosher
Quinoa Salad
Apple Pie, deconstructed-- This sounds fancy, but it is just homemade apple sauce, pastry shells, and soy ice cream

Next week: cheerio crusted chicken! 

*There are all sorts of technicalities here that I am not going to get into re: cleaning for Pesach, selling chametz, selling apartments where chametz is located so you [read: I] don't have to clean.  If you are interested, check out's Pesach guide.

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