Thursday, February 3, 2011

Man Plans...

G-d laughs. 

I was prepared to write a fabulous post this evening about how I got all of my cooking complete during naps.  I was going to write how lovely it was to sit back and think about setting my table tonight.  But then life interrupted.

To give myself credit, I did get the sweet potatoes almost done (they are the most time intensive thing on my menu) while the toddle-bug was at school.  My plans post-pick up went something like this:
  • School
  • Store for meat (and some cheese for quesadillas for dinner.. and some whipped cream... the good kind! for a hot chocolate treat for said toddle-bug)
  • Home
  • Feed the little one, snack the toddle-bug
  • Naps for everyone under 3
  • Finish cooking for me (and if I had time, a blog post about how AMAZING I am)
Everything went according to plan until "Naps for everyone under 3."  I won't bore you with the details, suffice to say, I think that DS is weaning his afternoon nap (which is cool with me, but REALLY not cool with DD... who shares his room... and doesn't sleep when he is screaming about not wanting to nap).  No one slept.  DD didn't eat well (distracted by the incessant whining that comes with  no nap for her brother).  No cooking happened.   Every little thing turned into a battle with the almost three year-old.  To quote my husband, "You are never going to win a battle of wills with a toddler." 

And so, here I sit, 7:35 on Thursday.  Matza Challah was done last week, sweet potatoes are so close to being done, mushroom pate is in freezer-- just need to pull it out, nothing else started.  School closed because of snow tomorrow. I am going to be up awhile, but at least I have good whipped cream to drink in my coffee!  And I haven't set the kitchen on fire again (post coming soon)!  

Anyone want to bring me sushi to cheer me up??

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