Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What the heck have I gotten myself into?!?

Shabbos is the highlight of my week.  The glowing candlesticks bring a sense of peace over me and my home.  The beautifully set table, white tablecloth, china make me feel regal.  The sounds of my husband and son singing-- and dressed in their handsome Shabbos clothes-- awaken parts of my soul that are hidden during the week.  They are like angels.  I relish Shabbos.  I need Shabbos.  I crave Shabbos. 

But I dread getting ready for Shabbos.

Fridays are a disaster!  The candlesticks won't glow if they aren't polished!  Of course, the table is goregous, but I need FOOD to go on those plates! Challah!  Fish!  Chicken!  Kugel!  Cake!  Cook, cook, cook.  Vacuum.  Mop.  Dishes.  Set the table.  Bath the kids.  Feed the kids.  Bribe the kids to not make a mess of the just barely cleaned house.  And all of this on a deadline-- because when Shabbos comes, Shabbos comes  And that is it.  My pulse starts accelerating, just thinking about it.

This can't be the only way to usher in the holiest day of the week!  Certainly, Hashem didn't intend for us to turn ourselves into crazy, frenzied, maniacs right before Shabbos.  There must be a better way. 

Enter Chatzos.  I read about a group of woman that make it a point to have Shabbos ready by mid-day on Friday.  That means that they have all afternoon on Friday to... well... I don't know!  Do their nails?  Drink hot coco?  Recite tehillim?  Ponder the meaning of it all? 

I want THAT!  I want my Friday afternoons to be calm and relaxed.  I want to greet Shabbos with a serenity that is befitting the greatness of the day.  I want to sit down to my Shabbos dinner rested and alive, not exhausted and falling asleep in my soup (it has happened).  I want freshly painted toenails to match my Shabbos robe.

It is worth a try, right?  My goal is to have Shabbos ready by chatzos on Friday, every Friday, for a year.  I hope to blog how it goes, things I learn, tricks, recipes, ect.  I would love it if you would like to join me!  We can do this together! 

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