Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Menu time!

I set myself up for failure yesterday by putting too much on my plate.  Nothing got done.  Today, I set more realistic expectations for myself: get the menu and the shopping list done.  Mission accomplished (and I got a head start on preparing the kitchen for my massive cooking push tomorrow)!

We will be having a quiet Shabbos this week-- just our family for both meals.  While I love having guests, it is so nice to have the family time (especially when DH is on tough months at the hospital).  I know it is comforting to him to have a refuge of a quiet Shabbos when he is so busy and it is comforting to us to have the alone time with him.

So, in the spirit of comforting family time, we are doing a Comfort Food themed Shabbos.  YUM!

TIP: Even if I am having guests, I only cook one meal for Shabbos (with more or less dishes, depending on who is at the table).  Sometimes I will add a deli roll for lunch (if we have guests).  Sometimes I do make cholent (and then I add a protien for dinner).  But, all in all, I serve the same dishes at lunch as I do at dinner.  I can hear you all now, "WHAT?!?  THE SAME MEAL?!? GASP!!"  Maybe it isn't the fanciest, over-the-top, amazing, wow thing to do, but it is efficient (financially and otherwise).  Plus, while everyone else is busy making ANOTHER meal on Friday afternoon, I hope to be reading Dr. Suess.

Matza Ball Soup (dinner)/Gefilte Fish (lunch)
Onion Chicken (Quick & Kosher)
Double Layer Kugel: potato/carrot & zucchini
Broccoli Kugel (Spice & Spirit-- I make the second one, but I substitute a fried onion/corn flake mixture for the solo corn flake crumbs)
Caesar Salad (Quick & Kosher)
Roasted Zucchini & Squash

Non-cookbook recipes will be posted soon. 
Tip:  Make two of "freezeables" (ie kugel) for next week (or the week after... or the week after... the point is, it is already made!).  This seems obvious, right?  Not in our house.  Here, freezer space is at a premium [more on this in an upcoming post].  Until recently, freezing anything was a joke.  I have started making "just for us" sized portions for our freezer.  These smaller versions are great for quiet Shabboses, like this week, or for bringing as a part of a chesed meal.
Last week, I mentioned that I make my menu with the local ads in front of me (a great way to find deals on veggies, ect).  I was asked if I would mind posting my match-ups/some great deals I noticed on the blog.  While I can't post every sale in Houston, I have posted some amazing-don't-pass-me-up deals (like the $.77 zucchini and squash at Foodarama!) on my Facebook page (Like the FB page!).  Please add any great deals that you find! 

What are you eating for Shabbos?


  1. We also serve the same food at both meals! Hahahaha. It just makes sense. We always do cholent, though. Always.

    My husband is on call Thurs, so I'm feeling your pain, fellow Doctortzin! Good luck with chatzos!

  2. I wish someone had told me it is OKAY to serve the same thing the first year I was married! :)

    We had a post-call Friday last week. No bueno. Good luck! And I am TOTALLY stealing Doctortzin! Perfect!