Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Zen of Starting Early

Right before chatzos last week, I wrote that maybe I was missing the point.  By making Shabbos early, my goal is to be calm, relaxed, and well rested on Friday.  I want to be the best mother and wife possible on erev Shabbos-- I want my family to look forward to Friday as much as they look forward to Shabbos, itself.  My question last week: was I missing the point by doing all of my kitchen prep late on Thursday night? 

I think, yes.  After reading a number of thoughts from the ladies at the Chatzos Google Group, I realize that chatzos doesn't happen in one night.  These ladies do something everyday, l'cvod shabbos.  That means that as soon as motzei Shabbos, they are thinking about next week (DH wanted to try that this week!).  Every day is a day towards Shabbos.  In this way, they start to bring the spirit of Shabbos into each day of their week.  Each day has the special quality of being "almost Shabbos!"  And that is the point.

Today, I made challah with my son.  The whole house smelled amazing-- just like Shabbos.  While we were braiding the loaves, he asked me, "Mommy, is tonight Shabbos?" 

"Almost,"  I told him, "Tonight is Tuesday."